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Game plan skirmish CQB 26/11 (Evening battle game)

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Event info


Registration closes: 25/11 at 23:59 Last time to pay: 25/11 at 23:59)

NOTE: This only applies to pre-paid tickets. You are able to attend on WALK-ON but the ticket is costs +100 SEK 12:00-12:50 Check-in NOTE: We do not allow any players o attend after Check-in closes.

13:00-18:00 Game Debreif takes place afterwards via google forms


Pre-paid game with own equipment: 250kr WALK-ON game: 350kr

Game with full rental kit: NOT AVALIBLE


Paypal: Click here

Swish: 0708780439

You need to have done this before the game MANDATORY

  • Registration: Click here (Here you can also see practical information, prices times etc.)

  • Read through our rules rules (We will ask you about rules at check-in): Read here

  • Bring a white gauze bandage/wrap, minimum size 8x400cm (available for sale for SEK 20)

  • Bring a hit cloth

  • Bring a red flashing light

  • Bring flashlight/weapon light/headlamp with white light

  • Bring something to store water in

  • Bring food

  • Make sure all your equipment is working

IMPORTANT: Arrive on time, we will NOT let players in after your check-in time has closed

Game plan

Multi-game experience. Different games during the evening with smaller breaks.

Specific rules for the event

  • Night rules apply from 15:00

  • Hit cloth can be used in with a hit cloth over as hit marker in low light conditions, otherwise red flashing light


  • Medics are allowed, and any player can heal another player.

  • If you get hit the first time after leaving respawn, you have the opportunity to be healed.

  • This is done by having a friend wrap your entire healthcare bandage (8x400cm) around your arm.

  • If you get hit a second time (when you have your medical bandage wrapped & tied around your arm) you can no longer be healed and must return to re-spawn, after which you can be healed again.


  • You get hit - shout hit clearly and distinctly. Whoever shot you should know you were hit!

  • Put on hit cloth or activate your red flashing light

  • You call for a medic

  • A comrade comes up and takes your healthcare bandage from you.

  • Take off your hit cloth/disable your lamp, you are now a target again (even while your comrade is wrapping the bandage)

  • Once the entire bandage is wrapped around your arm and secured with a knot, you're back in the fight

  • No more than 20cm of bandage may hang loose.

Medic bandages must be at least 8x400cm, without these you cannot be healed. Bring your own or buy a personal one from us for SEK 20

LEGEND (map)

  • Green dashed area: Safezone, safety glasses still to be worn but no firing of weapons. NOTE Southern safezone does not apply.

  • White line: Height curve

  • Red square: Red main respawn

  • Yellow square: Yellow main respawn

  • Pink/light blue square: Game objectives

Map is assigned at Check-in (please bring your own plastic pocket)


Respawn differs from game plans during the evening. Told on site.

Radio channels

GAME MANAGEMENT Tel. 0708780439 PMR • Channel 16 – 446.19375

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