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Game plan Räddningsskolan 9/25

Event Info


08: 00-09: 00 Check-in NOTE: We do not admit any players after Check-in has closed

09: 20-09: 45 Game breif

10: 00-15: 30 Games

15: 40-16: 00 Debreif



Game with own equipment: SEK 350

Game with complete rental: SEK 695 (need to be pre-registered so that we can prepare the equipment)



Paypal: Click here

Swish: 0708780439

You need to have done this before the game: MANDATORY

  • Registration: Click here (Here you can also see practical information, price times, etc.)

  • Pay the event fee. See instructions in the Event info page.

  • Read our rules rules (We will ask you about rules at check-in): Read here

  • Bring a red and a yellow armband (regardless of whether you have been given a team placement)

  • Bring a white gauze bandage / wrap, minimum size 8x400cm (available for sale for 20 SEK)

  • Bring a Hit cloth/marker (available for sale for 20 SEK)

  • Download the Telegram app (needed for communication within the team and take part in missions)

  • Bring something to store water in

  • Bring food, we have for sale (no break for lunch, we eat in the field during games and your friends can not afford you to disappear for an hour)

  • Make sure all your equipment is working

IMPORTANT: Arrive on time, we will NOT let players in to attend after 09:00 when check-in closes


  • Medics are allowed, and any player can heal another player.

  • If you are hit for the first time after leaving respawn, you have the opportunity to be healed.

  • This is done by a friend wrapping your entire medical bandage (8x400cm) around your arm.

  • If you are hit a second time (when you have your medical bandage wrapped & tied around your arm) you can no longer be healed and must return to re-spawn, after which you can be healed again.


  • You are hit- scream hit clear and distinct. The person who shot you should know that you have been hit!

  • Put on dathrag / hit cloth

  • You call for a medic

  • A friend comes up and takes your medical bandage from you.

  • Take off deathrag, you are now a target again (even while your friend unwinds the bandage)

  • When the whole bandage is wrapped around your arm and secured with a knot, you are back in the fight again

  • No more than 20cm of bandage may hang loose.

Medic bandages must be at least 8x400cm, without these you can not be healed. Bring your own or buy a personal one from us for 20 SEK

LEGEND (map)

  • Green dashed area: Safezone, goggles should still be worn but no firing. NOTE southern safe zone does not apply.

  • Yellow square with text RS: Yellow main respawn

  • Red square with text RS : Red main respawn

  • Orange / yellow square with black number: Domination point (DP)

  • Red number: UPK point (Map orientation)

  • White line: Elevation curve

  • Orange circle: NO RESTRICTIONS (G-F 8-9)

  • Orange area between G-E 4-5: Do not enter!

Map is issued at Check-in

Main mission

Domination point (DP)

  • On the map there are 4 DP marked, these are strategically and important points to take control of the area. At these points there is a box. Take over the point by pressing the button with your team color, to award your team game points and control over the area. 1 minute = 1 game point

  • The domiation points will be closed at specified times, whoever controls the domination point at shutdown will be awarded 100 extra game points + that the domination point will turn to a permanent respawn for your team, for the rest of the game.

Closing times

DP 1 - 11:30

DP 2 - 13:00

DP 3 - 14:00

DP 4 - 15:30

Side missions

  • During the game, missions will be assigned from the game management.

  • Each completed mission is worth 300p upon approved completion (as much as holding a domination point for 5h)

  • Missions can be performed in areas not covered by the game map.

  • The missions affect the game once more than just points at completion. Successful missions can give your own team strategic advantages and more weapon power further into the game.

  • The missions will be distributed via the app "Telegram", you will receive a channel at check-in.


Main respawn: Directly- to the place, when you reach this you can return to the battle immediately.

Domination point closed by your team: Every 15 minutes, you can respawn at this place every time the clock shows XX: 00, XX: 15, XX: 30, XX45.

Mobile respawn: Every 15 minutes. NOTE: You are not allowed to respawn if there are enemies 60m or closer (can you shoot them from respawn, you can not respawn)

Mobile respawn

Each team will be assigned a mobile respawn to set up. Mobile respawn can only be set up on demand from a mission assignment in Telegram.

For approved construction of mobile respawn, the team is awarded 15p

Elimination of mobile respawn

Mobile respawn can be eliminated by opponents. To eliminate the opponent's mobile respawn, do the following.

  • Disable the lamp puck

  • Announce via telegram that the opponent's mobile respawn has been eliminated. The message must contain the following: Location (UPK) and a picture of a deactivated lamp.

Teams that eliminate opponents' mobile respawn are awarded 100p

If your team's mobile respawn has been eliminated, it needs to be brought down and taken to its own main respawn before it can be taken out to the field and used again. This can be done by eliminated players (with a hit markers).

Radio channels



• Kanal 1 – 446,00625 MHz.

• Kanal 2 – 446,01875 MHz.

• Kanal 3 – 446,03125 MHz.

• Kanal 4 – 446,04375 MHz.

• Kanal 5 – 446,05625 MHz.

• Kanal 6 – 446,06875 MHz.

• Kanal 7 – 446,08125 MHz.

• Kanal 8 – 446,09375 MHz.


• Jakt 1 – 155.425

• Jakt 2 – 155.475

• Jakt 3 – 155.500



• Kanal 9 – 446,10625 MHz.

• Kanal 10 – 446,11875 MHz.

• Kanal 11 – 446,13125 MHz.

• Kanal 12 – 446,14375 MHz.

• Kanal 13 – 446,15625 MHz.

• Kanal 14 – 446,16875 MHz.

• Kanal 15 – 446,18125 MHz.


• Jakt 4 – 155.525

• Jakt 5 – 156.000

• Jakt 6 – 155.400

• Jakt 7 – 155.450


Tel. 0708780439


• Kanal 16 – 446,19375

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