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Age limit

Airsoft is regulated by the Swedish law on power-limited weapons and withhold a strict 18-year age limit for our public airsoft events. However, there is no upper age limit for participating.

Can you attend your events alone?

Of course! When you register for the our events, there is a registration tab for "airsoft teams" this is so that we know who you want to play with. If you plan to come by yourself, you can easily write "alone".

Booking of private events

To book a private event, contact us via our contact page and we will contact you and tailor a layout to your wishes.

What does a private event cost?

When you contact us about booking a private event, we will give you a price proposal according to your wishes.

Is previous experience required?

No, we care about new players and there are several types of events that suit all types of players. For the more advanced games, we help you prepare in the best way.

What is included in a rental kit?

In our rented kits, you basically get everything you need. What you  need to supplement with are shoes and BB´s. BB´s cost  159 SEK for 3300 and are enough for for 2 players a day.


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