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Svart bakgrund

Airsoft is a global sport that is practiced with Airsoft weapons, commonly called soft air guns or air soft guns (after English). The sport is reminiscent of paintball, but without color and weaker power-limited weapons.

In its simplest form, the sport involves hitting and eliminating opponents with a power-limited weapon, just like in paintball.

What primarily distinguishes airsoft from paintball is the realism. The weapons not only fire further and more accurately. They also work, weigh and are built just like the original.

Nordic Milsim focuses primarily on the genre in airsoft called Mil-Sim, short for military simulation. Milsim events can have several thousand participants, at the same time as the games often take place over a longer period of time, ranging from one to five days. The games also strive to emulate a real military conflict, but what really distinguishes milsim events from more conventional airsoft games is precisely the focus on game experience and cooperation within the team.

There are several different milsim events worldwide. What Nordic Milsim mainly focuses on is to challenge and develop the participants' ability to collaborate with others, while also get as close to reality as possible.

We strongly believe in personal development and that milsim is a fantastic opportunity to accomplish this with. We also see more positive aspects with what we do, such as offering a greater opportunity for movement and health, but also to provide a social context for people around the world. Together we create memories and friends for life.

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