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Calendar for 2024!

5 games scheduled

Now the calendar for the 2024 season is finally set! It is and always will be important for us to announce in good time which dates we will hold our various games, this is to make it easy for you players to plan your time and your participation.

New for this season is that you will not be able to register for the next game until the previous one has been played. This as we have seen that it has sometimes led to confusion for some players about which event they have signed up for. This is therefore intended to simplify, but if there is something that affects you negatively, we will gratefully receive your feedback!

The exception applies to our first big Milsim at Räddningsskolan, as this is a game that requires a lot of preparation from us but also from you players!

Since we have ordered a new game system for this year, Ares Alpha (read more here Ares Alpha here ), we do not want to give out more information about the gameplan for each game before the previous one is finished. It's something that we've had as a principle in the past, as we want to take our lessons from what worked well or less well in previous games, but it's even more important now with new toys! For 2024, we will play four minimilsim and one milsim .

6/4 Minimilsim Räddningsskolan: Registration Open!


27/4 Minimilsim Räddningsskolan: Registration opens 7/4


1/6 Minimilsim Räddningsskolan: Registration opens 28/4


9-11/8 Milsim Räddningsskolan: Registration Open!

Operation Fenrir


28/9 Minimilsim Räddningsskolan: Registration opens 2/6

A question we often get is why don't we arrange more games in a year?

The answer to that question has several dimensions. One is that we really want our games to be good, so arranging fewer events means we can spend more time on each individual event in terms of planning. We also see that when the games become more , the number of participants goes down at the individual events, it becomes a matter of priority for you players and we understand that we are competing for your time not only with other organizers but also with life in general. Holding fewer events means that we gather more people on fewer occasions which makes the games more fun for many.

But the biggest part is that we really want to invest in our bigger Milsim games. Organizing a game of that size and vision requires time, commitment and thought. If we want our big milsims to be what we think you as players deserve, we can't simultaneously arrange smaller events every month.

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