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New interactive game system!

For this year, we have ordered Ares Alpha as our new interactive game system. Ares Alpha provides various products to create a deeper game, it also provides the real-time position of your teammates, a hierarchical chain of command, mission updates from the game organizer as well as the transmission of information to the leaders on the battlefield.


  • Real-time tracking of your teammates

  • See the status of your teammates (dead/alive/medic needed/support)

  • Receive orders from your commanders / Send orders to your subordinates

  • Easier navigation on the battlefield, depending on the position of your teammates (reduces the risk of friendly fire)

  • Real-time updates on which team controls which parts of the map

Nordic Milsim strives to simplify and deepen your experience as a player. We have therefore carefully chosen how we want to use the system during our games, so as not to make this a headache. We are active players in the Milsim scene ourselves and have encountered Ares Alpha several times under the auspices of other organizers. We know how stressful it can be to need to have your phone available and active during games. We also know that Ares Alpha is a system with a lot of features, which makes it easy to overdo it. This leads to it no longer being a system that helps you players, but instead becomes a burden. Therefore, we will only use the system sparingly and where we see that it actually helps.

Our domination points will be connected via the map. This means that if you choose to use the app, you will be able to see which team controls the point in real time. During our Minimilsim you will also be able to see the location of the point on the map as well as the team's re-spawn locations. You will also be able to see the in-game point standings in real time.

The final addition is that players will be able to purchase personal ID tags for the domination points. These players will then be able to see their personal contribution to the team's points and we will update a season scoreboard via our website.

During our pure Milsim games, the position of the points will not be shown, however you will still be able to see which team controls which point. This is because we want to maintain certain elements of Milsim that we still see value in and contribute to the feeling of uncertainty and not knowing.

It will always be possible to play the games without using the app, or having your own personal ID tags. Regular physical maps will still be available and for those of you not participating in the system, the game will be largely unchanged!

Download the Ares Alpha app

Android: Google Play

Apple:App Store

Read more about Ares Alpha: Click here

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