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We are now on Discord!

We have now answered a recurring question, the desire to have your own community place for you players where you can reach each other directly but also more easily talk to us organizers, see pictures, plan before games and more!

The discord will have several functions. In part, it will be the platform for you to be able to plan for the games together. For our larger milsims, you will get access to team-specific channels that only you who play on the same side will have access to.

You can also use the platform to get in touch with players you met in the field, find teams & like-minded people, ask questions to veterans or directly to us organizers. You can also post your own pictures from the games and give us direct feedback, about games, rules, etc.!

Our ambition is that this will be a way to make Nordic Milsim better together with Airsoft and Milsim in Stockholm!

A warm welcome, we hope to see you there!

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