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t the beginning of 2020, three active airsoft players joined forces with the goal of getting more people to discover the fantastic world of airsoft.

After a while, it developed quickly from just being about shooting plastic BBs at each other to constantly evolving towards something more. The goal was always to try to get as close to reality as possible, with it also challenging you as a participant to push your personal boundaries, while createing this in a completely unique experience. The games are therefore designed for the "mil-sim" scene or military simulation. At the same time, we develop the games for you both on and off the playing field. Nordic Milsim's mantra is

"Give Mil-Simers an experience as close to reality as possible, without making it cumbersome."


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Nordic Milsim | Airsoft | SE

Because it's about more than just airsoft

A sense of community and context is incredibly important for people to feel good on a mental level. We all need connection and contact with other individuals - and in modern society where more and more of the social exchange takes place by a screen, we risk overlooking the great importance that contact with other people, eye to eye, has for our mental health.

Furthermore, we at Nordic Milsim experience that this also has negative effects on our bodies' physical state, when we have become increasingly sedentary at the same time as society's normative demands on the appearance of our bodies, convey a feeling that exercise and physical activity are not associated with joy, but instead something that should be boring and arduous. That it is almost impossible to live a healthy life without sacrificing time and joy.

We mean the opposite, and Nordic Milsim offers you activities that not only promote community and social interaction, in a society where mental illness is becoming more widespread. We also offer activities where you can not only meet new friends, but also challenge yourself physically. The best thing is not only that you combine two life-determining factors for your physical and mental health - you also do it by combining everything under the slogan of joy.

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