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Nordic Milsim has arranged milsim games on a smaller scale for several years. We have seen a steady increase in the number of participants at the same time as the players develop enormously in their ability to handle larger events. Milsim offers you as a player so much more out of your airsoft.

Fästpunkt 1


Nordic Milsim arranges milsim games on a smaller scale, which we call minimilsim and minimilsim +. Our idea with these games is to offer you as a player airsoft games that are a greater experience and include more than just shooting out opponents. We also offer you as a beginner in milsim a good platform to build your own self-confidence and ability.  At the same time, the events are nothing that engages you for a longer period of time than what a normal game requires.  You who otherwise have a hard time attending milsim games no longer have an excuse!

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