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Nordic Milsim proudly announces the selection of Cameron Stevens as the RUSFOR commander for the upcoming milsim operation Fenrir, scheduled to take place this August 9th to 11th!

With great deliberation and consideration, Cameron Stevens has been chosen to lead the RUSFOR faction in what promises to be an intense and immersive military simulation experience. As an experienced leader with a deep understanding of milsim operations, Cameron brings invaluable expertise and strategic insight to the role.

His appointment reflects Nordic Milsim's commitment to delivering high-quality and engaging experiences for participants.

Cameron comes directly from the other side of the Atlantic and has both experience from the American giant Milsim West as a platoon leader as well as leadership in the US Marine Corps as an intelligence specialist.

With Cameron at the helm, participants can anticipate a challenging and authentic simulation that will test their tactical skills and teamwork. Nordic Milsim looks forward to witnessing Cameron's leadership in action during Operation Fenrir

Brief info:

-Age: 30

-Five years of active duty, US Marine Corps as an intelligence specialist. Focused on Russian doctrine and order of battle.

-Three years as an intelligence consultant for the US government for anti-terrorist operations in the Middle East and Africa

- Participated in 12+ Milsim West events including four as a platoon leader.

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