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WEC Action Center becomes Nordic Milsim

WEC Action Center was started in the beginning of 2020 with the goal of developing the airsoft in Stockholm towards something much more, and with it deliver fantastic games and experiences for our guests. Now we are taking a big step in our development but with the same goal. A new brand with greater roots in what we actually do, and what our guests want more of, Milsim. Our plan for the future contains more fantastic events and we are constantly evolving in the direction of our original goal. We have also expanded the goal to apply not only locally to Stockholm but now nationally with an end goal for the Nordic region and Europe. At the same time, we are all within Nordic Milsim active players, and with that we will always deliver events that we ourselves would have liked to participate in. Even if the goal is international in the end, it does not mean that we will depart from our roots in the capital. We will continue to develop and arrange games to the same extent at home and we are incredibly looking forward to continuing to welcome more guests to our events!

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