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Nordic Milsim is a new Swedish organizer when it comes to major milsim events. Having said that, it does not mean that we lack experience. Together, we have organized milsim events in a smaller scale since 2017 with high quality. After trying different concepts, game ideas etc. we are now ready to take the next step with longer, more intense and more action packed events, such events that we ourselves wished we could participate in.

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Nordic Milsim strives to be the best at milsim in  norra Europa. To get there, we strongly believe in making events that create memories for life. To achieve this, details play a big role. Fractions must be clear at the same time as they must not exclude too many players. The event should be friendly for players with limited experience in participating in, but at the same time not considered boring or easy for more experienced players.  Rules should be clear and comprehensive. It should be easy to participate, from getting to the event, attending to getting home. Most important of all, the event should give you as a player a unique experience beyond the ordinary.

We understand that milsim will never be completely realistic, partly due to restrictions in airsoft weapons but also because it must never be dangerous for those who participate in the event. On the other hand, we can strive to have a great game experience with military elements. Where teamwork and impact within the group can come close to reality.


Just as there are different types of players, there are also different wishes and preferences in what players who participate in major Milsim events want to get out of their game, and what type of experience they want. We see that other organizers are trying to solve this by offering participants to choose different types of units to portray during the game. Units with different requirements and different gameplay from each other. This from focusing on more physically and psychologically strenuous tasks to just getting out and shooting plastic at opponents. The problem with framing registration in different units, as we see it, is that it is based on the organizer's perspective and idea of the unit. This makes it difficult to comprehand it with individual players' perception and interpretation of the unit. At the same time, it is not particularly adaptable during the game, which in turn creates frustration for both these players and the players who signed up for the same unit with a completely different understaning of it.

Rather than forcing these different wills into one and the same team with the same premises, we build the event in a different way. Our solution is missions to solve throughout the event. The assignments are in turn ranked under five different categories, where all categories provide a piece of the puzzle in the picture of the assignment's character and design. This makes it possible for players to adapt the event's content to their own preferences, to change the content according to the day's form and combat value within the group and at the same time it offers the commander the ability to tactically distribute assignments to the groups under his command that are best suited for the task. We do this to create better cooperation within a given faction and with it also build each side stronger based on what each player wants to do but also what the given group is good at.

A group that wants to challenge itself physically and tactically has the opportunity to choose this by selecting that type of mission, while a group that is currently more focused on combat can choose this at any given time. All this without affecting the will and preference of the other groups.

Each category is rated from 1-5 stars, where more stars indicate a more challenging task



This category marks the requirements and content of the mission regarding physical exertion. This category will also be defined with the MilQuest ranking system blue, green, red.



This category marks the requirements and content of the mission regarding mental effort.



This category marks the mission's requirements and content regarding tactical ability.



This category marks the mission´s requirements for special equipment. This is further specified in the assignment description.



This category marks the mission´s strain regarding time to solve the task.

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During several events, the use of control points will be implemented. The control points act as attachment points for the fractions in the field. Control points contribute by acting as supply points for the faction that controls them.


To give the events more depth, varied props are used. We see this as fundamental to give the participants in the event a more exciting experience.

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