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"All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu
Fästpunkt 1


long-preserved peace in the world has for a long time been seen as increasingly challenged. Several threats are constantly being reminded, which has led world leaders to lose the calm that previously colored the political situation.

Science has long warned of the inevitable. That the world is heading into an expected ice age when the planet's orbit is expected to come further away from the sun, in a cycle that occurs every 20,000 years. At the same time, a historic conflict rooted in disputed territorial land is growing in the land of Geria. This has made the two largest players in the world, NORAT (Nordic Alliance Treaty) and Algona Union, exercise their military capabilities more than usual in recent decades. At the same time, the member states of both sides have increased their military allocations according to new requirements within the respective membership agreements.


he analyzes are several. Geria, which had previously been a member of the Algona Union, underwent a popular liberation towards democracy and a free market 70 years earlier. Naturally, this has led the country to move ever closer to NORAT, which shares the same values, but it has also provoked the Algona Union's political elite, which has long believed that the country has illegally liberated itself from the governing body of Algona. Since Geria's land has been ruled by Algona for more than 200 years, Geria has a minority population from migrating descendants, who both speak Algonian and identify themselves as Algonians. The Algonian Union has therefore said that it is their duty to defend the Algonian people, no matter where in the world they are. At the same time, the political government has also claimed that Geria, in collaboration with NORAT, opens up and justifies a racist repression against the Algonian minority population. The other side claims to defend democratic values and further argued that each country's individual freedom and sovereignty should be defended.


hough several analysts highlight the escalation of the conflict as historically grounded, there are also those that highlight other causes. The geographical location of Geria provides a buffer zone for both military alliances' own territories. Should one side control the area militarily, it means a direct threat to the other, as medium-range missiles can now reach important cities, from both sides' point of view. The neutrality state of Gerias has not been seen as the most beneficial situation if you identify yourself to a specific side, but has at the same time been the optimal way to preserve peace. Geria's economic position in the world is seen by many as the reason why both NORAT and the Algona Union have accepted the nation as neutral. It has simply not been worth escalating a world conflict to seize land with weak economic capacity. Therefore, a new explanatory model has emerged, the cold.


ORAT with member states in the north, and Algona Union with member states in the south, will both be hit hard by a cold period as climate scientists' forecasts show that the cold will be worst at the poles. Geria, which is close to the planet's equator, may in the near future become one of the few land areas where agriculture can still take effect. You do not have to be an economic genius to understand that in a world where agriculture in many places will fail, the one who controls the food production that exists will be the one who possesses the power over the world to come…

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